Video Editing Software that Works With All Creative Cloud Apps

The Palette Gear video editing software is a fantastic piece of equipment for photo and video editors alike. It offers personalized controller for faster editing.

Palette offers creative professionals a game-changing experience. Unlike
generic one-size-fits-all keyboard and mouse interfaces, users can fully
customize the layout, function and even color of each control module to fit their
own workflow and favorite software. Where touch screens require users to look
down and offer no sense of feedback, the use of physical controls allows the
user to engage directly with their work and can drastically improve workflow.
“At Palette, we’re creating a new category of hardware and software offering
the flexibility of both form and function because we recognize that everyone works
differently,” says Calvin Chu, founder, and CEO.

“We’re excited to see people use Palette’s hands-on controls to make
interaction with your computer more natural and enjoyable.”
Palette is improving the editing experience for photographers today, and plans
on doing the same for video editors and musicians next. As an expandable
modular platform, Palette’s hardware team is already conceptualizing next
modules, such as motorized sliders and trackballs.

On the software side, Palette will continue to collaborate with great software
partners to build deep integrations, and plans to begin a user led community
where others can share the best of their own Palette layouts and time-saving
tips. In partnership with Adobe, Palette is pleased to offer a special 20%
discount offer on the industry leading Creative Cloud Photography plan with the
purchase of any Palette kit.

In the future, Palette will release developer tools offering access to the hardware
and the ability to create new plug-ins for a variety of use cases.
Palette is available for pre-order at starting at $199. Along with
three kit sizes geared to starters, experts, and professionals, Palette will be
offering individual add-on modules for a truly custom interface solution.

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